Everything you need to know about Tasmania’s Mount Wellington

Rug up and get ready for some awe-inspiring views

Views over Hobart from the top of Mount Wellington
📷 © Greg Snell via Canva.com

The famous kunanyi / Mount Wellington is that spectacular mountain that overlooks Hobart. It’s just a short 20 minute drive from Hobart city and one of the easiest ways to totally immerse yourself in 18,000 hectares of wilderness while you’re in Tasmania.

We’ve pulled together some answers to common questions about Mount Wellington to help you on your next trip up the mountain.

Is Mount Wellington worth visiting?

It’s a resounding yes from us! Mount Wellington is definitely worth visiting. It’s a one stop shop for scenic walks, incredible views and a chance to engage with nature. Plus it’s so close to Hobart city, so you can squeeze it in around all your other sightseeing adventures.

Can I drive to the top of Mount Wellington?

Yep you certainly can drive to the top of Mount Wellington. If you’re keen for a quick fix of nature, then jump in the car and drive up to the kunanyi / Mount Wellington lookout for sweeping views over Hobart city and the surrounding region. As you weave your way up the mountain, you’ll enjoy sights of lush trees and stunning forests. For the ultimate trip be sure to stop off for a coffee along the way at Lost Freight Cafe, a converted shipping container in the middle of the wilderness. 

Is the Mount Wellington road open?

The road to Mount Wellington is generally open all year round. However the road is sometimes closed to cars for safety reasons, mainly when snow or ice falls. If that’s the case then you can still ride a bike or walk up the mountain. Check out this link to see if the road to Mount Wellington is currently open or closed. 

Can you drive up Mount Wellington at night?

Yes you can drive up Mount Wellington at night! And it’s definitely worth heading up the mountain in the dark, since the city lights below are pretty spectacular. The lookout is open until 10pm during September to April and until 5:30pm during May to August. Outside these times you’ll need to stand outside and gaze down – so make sure you rug up before you head up the mountain! 

Can I walk around Mount Wellington?

Yes Mount Wellington is scattered with loads of hikes and trails that will get you up close and personal with nature. If you’re after a real adventure, try the 14km Hobart to the Pinnacle walk starting in the urban part of the city before winding through rainforest gullies, sub-alpine flora and glacial rock formations. The 8km organ pipes walk is another crowd favourite, giving you spectacular views of the dolerite pillars on the mountain. Or if you’re after something a bit easier, then give the Silver Falls loop a try and wander through towering ferns before popping out at a waterfall. 

Is there a Mount Wellington webcam?

We’re glad you asked, there most definitely is a Mount Wellington webcam! It’s perfect for the days when you want to see what’s happening but don’t have time to drive up the top of the mountain. Or if you want to check out the weather before you make the trip up! You can check out the Mount Wellington webcam here. 

What do I need to bring for my trip up the mountain?

At 1271 metres high, this mountain attracts snow throughout the year and is known for its wild winds (it’s recorded gusts of over 200km per hour). Even on a clear sunny day it can be deceptively cold, so pack a jumper and a puffer jacket before you set off on your adventure! We highly recommend the brands Huffer or the North Face, but you can also check out online fashion store the Iconic for a huge range of other jackets to keep you warm.

How do I get to Mount Wellington?

From Hobart, follow the signs to kunyani / Mount Wellington and take Pinnacle Road straight to the lookout. Click here for directions from Hobart CBD.

Everything you need to know about Mount Wellington

Where: Just behind Hobart CBD
When: Open year round, but closed in bad weather
Cost: Free entry