Lost Freight Cafe

A hidden gem in the foothills of kunyani / Mount Wellington

📷 Lost Freight Cafe

As you wind your way up to the top of Hobart’s kunyani / Mount Wellington, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Lost Freight Cafe. Trust us when we say this cafe is a must-visit as you drive or hike up the mountainside. 

This shipping container cafe is all about the location and really makes the most of its wild surroundings. Lost Freight Cafe is set on a small clearing that’s surrounded by forest and towering trees overhead, making it the perfect place to stop and relax on your way through. As you enjoy the crisp fresh air and the sounds of birds chirping, you’ll find it hard to imagine that a capital city is just minutes away. 

The wild Lost Freight Cafe is all about takeaway options, so you can enjoy your treats during a walk or at the top of the mountain. The friendly staff will serve a large selection of coffees (from $4) that will keep you warm and awake. Their food menu features Australia’s favourite treats, including a variety of large pies (from $6), banana bread ($4.5), monte carlo ($3.5) and florentines. There’s even a few gluten free options on the menu too. 

Once you’ve finished, you can drive to the top for a lookout, walk the Zig Zag track or take a peak at the nearby O’Grady Falls. It can get pretty cold up on the mountain, even in summer, so you’ll want to bring a puffer jacket to stay warm (our top picks are Huffer or the North Face).

So next time you’re driving by, or hiking up the mountain, be sure to pull over and grab yourself a treat to enjoy.

Contact Lost Freight Cafe

Website: lostfreightcafe.com
Address: Pinnacle Road, Mount Wellington
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