15 must-have apps for travelling Tasmania

Everything you need for your upcoming trip, from checking-in to finding the cheapest fuel and best accomodation

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So you’ve booked your flights to Tasmania and you’re raring to go! To help you make the most of your trip we’ve pulled together 15 must-have apps while you’re travelling around this incredible island state. If you’re travelling with friends or family then you’re going to want to download these apps so you can find the best activities, stay connected and know where you’re going next. Read on to find out what are the best 15 apps you must have when you’re travelling around Tasmania. 

1. Check in TAS

While you’re in Tasmania, you’ll need to check in to places to help stop the spread of COVID. Download the Check in TAS app before you leave home so you’re ready to go as soon as you land. Don’t worry, your data is securely stored with the Tasmanian Department of Health and is only used if COVID contact tracing is needed. It’s available on the app store or google play here.

2. FuelCheck TAS

This amazing app gives you real time petrol and gas prices, so you can find the cheapest fuel near you anytime and anywhere. With a difference of 40 cents per litre between the cheapest and most expensive service stations, this is definitely an app worth having! Find it here on the app store or over here on google play.

3. Flowering Plants of Tasmania 

Have you ever spotted an exquisite plant and wondered what it was? Then this app is the app you! It has pics and descriptions of more than 850 types of flowering plants in Tassie, with a distribution map of where they can be found. A great tool if you’re travelling around and want to find out more about the local Tasmanian flora! This one’s only available for apple.

4. Field Guide to Tasmanian Fauna 

If animals are more your thing, then be sure to download the Field Guide to Tasmanian Fauna. Created by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (so you know it’s legit), the app features photos and descriptions for more than 800 different types of animals. It’s great if you’re travelling around and spot an animal in the wild and want to learn more! Find it here on the app store or here on google play.

5. The O

No trip to Hobart is complete, without a visit to the Museum of Old and New Art. This app tells you about the artwork on display wherever you are within the museum. The museum doesn’t do printed guides, so you’re really going to want to download this one to make the most of your trip there. Here it is for apple and here for android devices.

6. My Aurora Forecast & Alerts 

If you want to spot the Southern Lights (also known as the Aurora Australis) while you’re in Tasmania, then you’ll want to download this app. It tells you how likely it is you’ll see the Southern Lights based on the KP index and cloud coverage. Click here to download it on the app store or here on google play.

7. TripIt 

The mighty TripIt app keeps all your holiday booking information in one spot – from flights, to hotels and activities. It also keeps you updated on the status of your flights and gives you real time updates about delays or cancellations too! A worthy addition to any trip. Find it here on the app store or here on google play.

8. Hotels Combined 

The Hotels Combined app lets you book flights, hotels and car hire all in one place. This app also shows activities by location, so you can find out what’s happening nearby and make the most out of your trip. You can also check out their website to find the best accommodation deals in Tasmania. 

9. Airbnb 

This Airbnb app (here on app store or google play) is perfect if you want to get out of a hotel room and stay somewhere else. It lets you book accommodation from locals which means that not only will your trip be more interesting, but it’ll also help cut costs by staying in a place that’s been furnished with everything that you need! It’s a perfect app if you want to explore Tasmania like a local!

10. Tripadvisor 

If you’re looking for the best restaurants, attractions and activities during your stay in Tasmania then you’ll want to download the Tripadvisor app (found here for apple or here for android devices). There are millions of traveller reviews and opinions, which will make your planning a breeze. Once you’ve landed you can also search by location and type of activity to find out what’s nearby! 

11. Yelp 

Yelp is another app that helps you find the best places to eat, drink or shop during your trip! It’s a community based review site that has reviews from locals on the best places in the area. Give it a go to via the app store or google play to find out where you should visit!

12. Google Maps

Google Maps app is a must-have for any traveller! Not only does it help you navigate without getting lost, but it also shows nearby attractions and restaurants. There’s also the ability to save an area from Google Maps to your phone and use it when you’re offline – an essential feature when you’re travelling through remote parts of Tasmania where there’s limited phone reception. Find it here for apple or here for android devices.

13. Uber  

If you don’t have a car or you need to get home after a big night out, then you’ll want to download the Uber app (here for apple or android). This rideshare app allows you to choose your pickup location, select where you want to go and pick your ride – that’s it, just sit back and wait for your driver to arrive. There are no cash transactions which means that your trip is as safe as possible. 

14. Weatherzone

The Weatherzone app (find it on the app store or google play) gives detailed information on what the weather will be like in Tasmania, so that planning your day becomes even easier! You’ll have access to real-time forecasts, the latest satellite images and historical data which means that there’s no way you’ll get caught out by the weather. 

15. Emergency Plus App

The Emergency Plus app is essential for any traveller to Tasmania. It gives your exact location in an emergency, so you can accurately tell first responders where to go. While we don’t expect bad things will happen on holidays, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Download it here on the app store or over here on google play.

Now with these apps downloaded, you’re totally prepared for your upcoming trip to Tasmania! So get those bags packed and be ready to have a stellar holiday.