Five incredible antique shops in Tasmania

Our tip: Bring a large bag with you because you’ll end up buying a lot!

Antique lights are among the finds at antique shops in Tasmania
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We’ve scoured the state to bring you the top five antique shops in Tasmania. These five bustling stores are packed with a bunch of old stuff, so you’ll be sure to find something unique to spruce up your place or gift to a friend. 

So grab your bag and your cash and head to these five antique shops in Tasmania now! 

1. Willow Court Antique Centre

15 George Street, New Norfolk

This jam-packed antique store is set inside a former mental asylum, just outside Hobart. You’ll find an abundance of clothes, lights, jewellery, machinery, house-supplies, furniture…we could go on but you get the idea! It really is one of the most eclectic antique shops in Tasmania.

Old books are among the finds at antique shops in Tasmania
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2. 20th Century Artifacts

56 High Street, New Norfolk

Also in New Norfolk is the quirky 20th Century Artifacts. Known by many as Aladdin’s Cave, this quirky antique shop has a treasure trove of goods ready for you to find. The friendly and knowledgeable staff make a visit here so much more delightful! 

Antique lights are among the finds at antique shops in Tasmania
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3. Antique Emporium 

51 Formby Road, Devonport

This huge two storey warehouse is packed to the brim with a huge range of antiques. You can lose hours wandering the aisles looking at books, furniture, knick-knacks and whatever else takes your fancy. The prices are pretty reasonable, so you can return home with even more unique finds! 

Antique shops in Tasmania
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4. Reliquaire

139 Gilbert Street, Latrobe

This eclectic wonderland features something for everyone, making it one of the best antique shops in Tasmania. The displays are extraordinary, including sections dedicated to dinosaurs, Alice in Wonderland and Christmas. There’s also an amazing cafe on-site serving up some great coffee and treats. 

Antique shops in Tasmania
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5. The Shop in the Bush

25977 Tasman Highway, St Helens

Set in the middle of nowhere, this rustic antique shop has managed to survive for decades. The Shop in the Bush’s has a large selection of eclectic goods including jewellery, books and souvenirs. It’s a great place to stop if you’re touring the Great Eastern Drive in Tasmania. 

Antique shops in Tasmania
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What to bring when you’re antiquing in Tasmania?

With so much on offer, you’ll want to bring a bag big enough to pack all your purchases and carry them home. If you’re travelling from interstate, you’ll want some hardshell luggage to keep your items safe on the plane ride home (our picks are Samsonite or American Tourister).  Click here if you want to browse a huge selection of bags over at the Iconic.