Check Out These Seriously Spooky Ghost Tours Near Hobart

Seriously spooky adventures that will have your heart racing

Ghost in cemetery
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Want to take your love of true-crime podcasts and murder mysteries to the next level? Go on one of these heart-stopping ghost tours near Hobart to learn more about the paranormal activity that’s happening right here in front of you. 

Port Arthur Ghost Tour

One of the most haunted places in Tasmania is the Port Arthur penal settlement, where more than 1,000 people died in the 1800s. The souls of these convicts continue to haunt the site to this day. In this three hour tour, you’ll be given your own paranormal testing equipment and led through a range of historic buildings to see first-hand how eerie this place still is! You can book your tickets for this seriously spooky adventure through the Port Arthur site

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Battery Point Ghost Tour

This two hour tour of the historic Battery Point in Hobart will have you following the ghostly footsteps of convicts, bushrangers, barmaids and sailors. The tours visit a range of known haunted sites, where you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for paranormal activity. This is one tour to see how ghosts in Hobart are roaming the streets right in front of you! If you want to see the ghosts for yourself, you can book tickets at the Ghosts Tours of Hobart site

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Richmond After Dark

This 90 minute tour will give you the chance to delve into the darker side of the colonial town Richmond. While it’s more than just a ghost tour, guests will still be treated to stories of floggings, violence and murders and visit a small cemetery in this historic and idyllic town. So, who you gonna call? Ah no, not Ghost Busters. You’ll want to get in touch with Time Tours.

Richmond bridge
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What do you even wear on a Hobart ghost tour?

Hobart can get cold at any time of the year, so it’s a good idea to rug up with a jacket and a beanie (you can check out a huge range of winter-wear over at the Iconic here). If you want our advice, check out the brand Huffer or RAINS for super warm jackets in range of colours.

Ghosts got you too scared to go home?

It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone! But if you’re looking for some extra protection after your devilish tour, then you could consider staying at a hotel in Hobart. Those ghosts would totally have to get past the doorman and reception team before they get to your room, so we’re feeling pretty confident you’ll be safe (for a night at least)! Click here to check out the hotels on offer.

So if you’re keen to do something different and get the bejeezus scared out of you, then it’s time to go ghost hunting in Hobart!


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