Your complete guide to picking your own apples in Tasmania

There’s a reason it’s called the Apple Isle

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Are you in the mood for some hardcore fun? Apple-solutely you are! Then pack your bags and get red-y to go apple picking in Tasmania (also known as the Apple Isle due to its outstanding apple industry). Thanks to the state’s perfectly cool climate, these apples turn out juicy, sweet and delightful. 

If this sounds a-peel-ing to you, then keep reading, because we’ve pulled together a list of the best places where you can pick your own apples in Tasmania. Each orchard has different varieties on offer, so you can live apple-y ever after knowing you can sample them all. 

And we’ll spare you now, the rest of the article will be free from apple puns! 

1. Sorell Fruit Farm

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If you want to pick your own Tasmanian apples, then don’t go past Sorell Fruit Farm. This purpose-built pick your own fruit farm not only grows juicy apples, but strawberries, loganberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, pears (ok we could go on but you get the idea – they have every type of fruit you could possibly want!). It’s definitely the place to go if you want to wander through orchards and pick the freshest fruit. 

Where: Near Hobart airport at 174 Pawleena Road, Sorell TAS 7172
Open: October to April, 10am to 4pm
Stay: In nearby Hobart, which is just 30 minutes away. Our picks are the indulgent Mona Pavilions at the Mona museum or MACq 01 Hotel by the city harbour. 

2. Coal River Farm 

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Wander through this family-owned working farm for your chance to pick some delicious Tasmanian apples (as well as strawberries, apricots, plums and so much more!). This farm also produces artisanal cheeses and chocolates, so after you’re done picking apples make sure you head to the restaurant for an afternoon of decadent feasting. 

Where: Near Hobart airport at 634 Richmond Road, Cambridge TAS 7170
Stay: In Hobart, just 15 minutes from town
Note: the pick your own fruit is sadly unavailable for the 2020/21 season due to COVID restrictions but will be back bigger than ever in 2021/22. 

3. Avro Park Orchids

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Ok so you can’t technically pick your own apples here, but you can catch a tractor train through the orchard where you learn all about the production process! You also get a chance to buy the apples at the end of tour, with everyone declaring these to be the tastiest and cheapest apples in all of Australia. 

Where: Found in the Mersey Valley in northern Tasmania at 303 Mersey Main Road, Spreyton TAS 7310
Stay: The orchard is in the suburbs of the delightful town of Devonport 

When’s the best time to pick apples in Tasmania

Apple picking in Tasmania runs from February to May each year. So pretty much the best time of year, since you won’t get too hot or too cold!

Look the part to go apple picking in Tasmania

Nothing says ‘I’m-A-Recreational-Apple-Picker’ quite like a pair of overalls, flannelette shirt and a sturdy pair of boots. So if you’re in need of a new outfit to match your new hobby, then click on the links to be taken to our carefully curated edit of clothes today.