Are you ready to let loose at the 2020 Hobart Colour Frenzy?

Runners get doused in colour at the Hobart Colour Frenzy

If there was a choice between straight up sweaty exercise and exercise that’s disguised as fun, we know which one we’d choose! Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for this to become a reality, with the Hobart Colour Frenzy coming to the Queens Domain on Sunday 8 November 2020. It’s everything you’d expect from a colour fun run plus so much more!

The fun doesn’t stop when you take on the 5km track. Over the course of the race you’ll be blasted with colour, saturating you in a mish-mash of hues. You’ll also battle a bombardment of bubbles and, for the first time, an obstacle course. 

The best part about this fun run is there’s no time pressure, so you can walk, jog or sprint your way across the finish line. The aim of the game is to forget you’re exercising and focus on having fun! 

Entry fees start from $25, which includes a pair of colourful sunnies for extra protection, a water bottle and a colour pouch to get the fun started. 

When you go, you’re going to want to wear a white t-shirt to really make the rainbow of colours stand out. The Iconic has some cheap tees that you can buy just for the race.

So are you ready to tackle this fun run head on? Head to the Colour Frenzy Hobart webpage to sign up now. 

All you need to know about the Hobart Colour Frenzy

Where: Queens Domain, Hobart
When: 8:30am, Sunday 8 November 2020
Cost: Entry fees start from $25