Bust-Me-Gall-Hill and Other Weird and Wacky Towns in Tasmania

Jump in the car and visit these laugh out loud places

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Despite being a small island state, Tasmania is full of quirky and hilarious town names. From Eggs and Bacon Bay to Bust-Me-Gall-Hill, these are just a few of the towns that you must see to believe. 

Eggs and Bacon Bay 

This town, only 44km from Hobart, is a true homage to the great Australian breakfast. In fact, rumour has it that the town’s name came about after Lady Jane Franklin, wife of former Tasmanian governor John Franklin, ate her breakfast there. Recently the town has come under fire from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group, who suggested the town change its name to the more animal-friendly name of Apple and Cherrie Pie Bay. Both options sound delightfully delicious to us!

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Bust-Me-Gall Hill and Break-Me-Neck Hill

As you drive along the road from Hobart to Triabunna, you’ll soon realise that these hills have been aptly named! It’s thought that the name came from European colonisers, who travelled with bullock drays laden with supplies, and obviously had difficulty on these steep hills!

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Doo Town

This little coastal hamlet, just 79km south-east of Hobart, is another must doo! It all started in the 1930s when a local resident named his shack Doo I, before his neighbours responded by calling their places Doo Me and Doo Us. From there it took off and now most of the houses in the town share the name Doo, including Thistle Doo Me, Dr Doolittle, Ittle Doo 4 Now. 

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It’s believed that a marine who was travelling through the area carried the book Arabian Nights in his saddlebag, which he used as inspiration to name the town. Surrounded by green Australian bush, this town really is a far-cry from its namesake in the Middle East.  In fact when the Iraq war broke out, the town’s website was bombarded by people trying to contact Iraqis. 

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Nowhere Else

But when all’s said and done, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. This town is nestled in the northern parts of Tasmania, 25 km from Devonport, with a population of just 40 people. 

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But there are so many more

Some our other favourites include Swearing Bobs Plain, Black Charlies Opening, Linger and Die Creek, Grannys Gut and Laughing Jack Lagoon. 

Make sure you wear something comfy for the drive

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So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump in your car and see what wacky towns you pass on your drive around Tasmania. 


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