Hidden ways to score cheap car hire in Tasmania

We’re helping you save cash so your money can be spent on more exciting things

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Ever since covid hit, the cost of car hire in Tasmania have been out of control! Luckily for you we’ve found ways to score cheap car rentals in Tasmania, so you can spend your money on more exciting things instead (think luxurious glamping stays or a long lunch at one of Tassie’s finest restaurants)!

You probably found this page because you’ve done a quick search on the usual car hire sites in Tasmania, like Thrifty or Avis, and found that they’re extra expensive! Well you’re not alone in thinking that! Basically when covid started, tourist numbers dropped and the major car rental companies sold off the majority of their cars. Now with tourist numbers rising, we’re all competing for the remaining few cars which has driven up the price. 

Thankfully we’ve got a few solutions to help you save your pennies while renting a car in Tasmania. Keep reading to find out how! 

Try borrowing a car from a local through car sharing sites

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Local Tasmanians keen to make some extra cash are lending out their own cars on sites like Car Next Door. Not only are these cars reasonably priced, but you feel better knowing the money is going to someone just the community rather than another big corporation! Hire costs include hourly or daily rental fees and insurance.  It’s a great way to save cash when hiring a car in Tasmania.

Rent a car from a local car dealership

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Some car dealerships are keen to loan out their cars while they wait for someone to buy them. It’s extra money for them and a potential saving for you! Give them a call to see if you can negotiate a bargain and get a car while you’re travelling around.

Speak to a travel agent

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In the age of Google and booking trips ourselves, we often forget that travel agents are there to find a bargain for us! They’re well connected and know all the latest deals, so will be able to help you travel around the state with ease.

Where to go and where to stay in Tasmania

Now that you’ve nabbed yourself a car, it’s time hit the road and see what amazing things Tassie had to offer. Why not start by visiting the incredible Mona museum in Hobart, trekking to the scenic Winelgass Bay or embracing the cold and swimming in one of these outdoor swimming holes around the state. 

We’ve also pulled together a list of great places to stay in Tasmania, so you spend your time really exploring this fabulous island. Click here to see the complete list of hotels in Tasmania!