The Must-Visit Best Restaurants Near Hobart Airport

For those times you can’t wait to eat as soon as you land in Hobart

Friends sharing food in a restaurant near Hobart Airport
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So you didn’t want to spend a small fortune on flight down to Tassie just to eat plane food. But now you’re starving and don’t think you’ll make the drive into Hobart before you need to eat? Don’t stress, we’ve got you sorted. Head to any of these brilliant restaurants near Hobart Airport and you’ll be eating quality food in no time. 

1. Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood

Located two minutes away from Hobart Airport, Tasmanian Gourmet Seafood lays claim to Australia’s best fish and chips. And this isn’t just some self-promotion marketing ploy, they really did get a gong at a recent National Seafood Awards! Their fish comes straight from the wild waters off Tasmania and they practice sustainable fishing. So if you’re looking for restaurants near Hobart Airport, this should be one of your top choices.

Fish and chips are available near Hobart Airport
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This woodfired pizza restaurant is buried away in the Cambridge Business Park, less than five minutes drive from Hobart Airport. The moment you step through the big wooden doors you’re transported to a warm yet trendy environment. LUMA’s known for its pizzas, but also specialises in small plates of ribs, pork belly and oysters. It’s another great choice for somewhere to eat near Hobart Airport.

A pizza in a woodfire oven, similar to what they have at LUMA pizza
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3. Barilla Bay Tasmania

Attached to the Barilla Bay Oyster Farm, this place specialises in – yep you guessed it – oysters! The shop has takeaway or dine in oyster options, while the restaurant upstairs has a variety of seafood and non-seafood options. Once you’ve finished lunch you can tour the oyster farm to see the whole oyster production process. It’s the perfect place for one last seafood hit before you fly out of Hobart Airport.

Plate of oysters
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Where should you stay near Hobart Airport

There are loads of great hotels right near Hobart Airport – click here to find a few of the closest options. You can also stay in the city of Hobart itself, since it’s only 20 minutes away by car. If you’re after some recommendations for some luxury hotels with some character in Hobart, then we highly recommend the Moss Hotel, the Henry Jones Art Hotel or the Macq 01 Hotel. You can also pair your trip to the famous Mona Museum in Hobart with a stay at their on-site Mona Pavilions.

Want to know what to wear if you’re eating out, but then jumping on a plane at Hobart Airport?

Do you want to look super chic when you eat your meal, but also want to be super comfy for your flight from Hobart Airport? Don’t stress, we’ve found the perfect outfit to help make the transition seamless. Just pair the latest-season relaxed jumper with some sweat pants for a cool and casual look that’s perfect for lunch or a flight. Click through to see some options!

So next time you’re keen to eat before heading on a trip away or just as you land, stop by one of these restaurants near Hobart Airport for a perfect meal!


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