A must-read guide to help you prepare for Hobart weather

It’s hot and it’s cold, it’s yes and it’s no

Hobart city skyline with grey clouds showing how Hobart weather can quickly change
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Are you heading to Hobart soon but have no idea how to pack? Well to help you on your upcoming trip, we’ve answered some questions you might have about Hobart weather. 

What’s the temperature in Hobart?

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Hobart weather varies throughout the year and temperatures will change depending on the time of year you’re going. Summer in Hobart runs from December to February with maximum temperatures sitting around 22°C and the minimum around 7°C. Winter in Hobart goes from June to August, with maximum winter temperatures around 12°C and minimum around 5°C. 

That said, Hobart weather is known to fluctuate significantly and it’s said there can be four seasons in one day! A summer’s day can start with snow on Mount Wellington and end sunny and warm. So pack multiple layers so you’re prepared for any situation. 

Why is Hobart so windy? 

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It’s true, Hobart is a windy city! Unlike other capital cities, Hobart bears the full brunt of the Roaring Forties winds. These strong westerly air currents hit the Southern Hemisphere between 40 and 50 degrees latitude and Hobart sits in between. On top of that, Hobart gets the southerly winds straight from Antarctica! So you’re just going to want to grab a windbreaker jacker – we recommend checking out the huge range available at the Iconic.

Why is Hobart so cold?

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The southerly location and winds are the main reason why Hobart weather is so cold compared to other Australian capital cities. Being closer to the South Pole means the temperature is cooler and the sunlight hours are shorter in winter. And when the Southerly Buster winds from Antarctica hit, Hobart can feel extra cold! You’re definitely going to need a good puffer jacket to keep you warm – you shouldn’t go past the brands Huffer or the North Face. But really, when the wind hits, we recommend just ducking into a pub with a roaring fireplace and making yourself at home!

Why is Hobart so rainy?

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Hobart as a rainy city is a bit of a myth – it’s actually the second driest capital city in Australia! While it does rain quite a bit in Hobart, the amount of rain that falls from the sky isn’t that much. It’s just another weird quirk about Hobart weather. Pack your umbrella or waterproof rain jacket, so that way you’re prepared for any weather. 

How can I check the Hobart forecast?

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To check the upcoming weather in Hobart, visit the Bureau of Meteorology BoM forecast page. The BoM forecast for Hobart will show the expected temperatures and rain for the week. You could also download the free Weatherzone app to your phone, so you can keep an eye on Hobart weather before you arrive. Use these Hobart forecasts as a guide only though, as the weather can and will change suddenly!

What’s the Hobart ‘feels like’ temperature?

The ‘feels like’ temperature in Hobart is often quite different to the actual temperature. Some people believe the sun is stronger and hotter on this island state, meaning 25°C in Hobart feels much warmer than 25°C in Sydney. To check out the current Hobart ‘feels like’ temperature, visit the BoM forecast page for Hobart

Hobart weather in a nutshell

If you’ve skimmed to the bottom of the article for answers – just know you need to pack layers and a waterproof rain jacket so you can be prepared for Hobart weather in any situation. If you’re going in winter you’re also going to need a proper and reliable winter jacket like the ones by Huffer or the North Face. If you need to grab anything else warm for your upcoming trip to Hobart, then check out the huge range available online at the Iconic.

At the end of the day, if the Hobart weather gets too much, then just go to one of Hobart’s many beaches to cool off or head to one of these top five pubs with an indoor fireplace to warm up!


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