How Far is Hobart to other towns in Tassie?

Your quick guide to help you plan your next trip around Tasmania

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So you’re planning a trip around Tasmania and want to know how far Hobart is from anywhere else? Stay put cos we’ve got you sorted with travel times, distances and the best ways to get there! 

How far is Hobart Airport to the city? 

So you’ve landed in Hobart Airport and you want to know how far it is to get to the city? It’s easy and won’t take too long at all!

Driving from the airport to the city in a cab will take about 20 minutes. There’s a taxi stand right outside the airport terminal and it will cost you about $40 to $50 one way. You can also get an Uber, just fire up your app to book your car. 

Then there’s the SkyBus shuttle bus which will take you from the airport straight into the city. The SkyBus has regular daily departures from Hobart Airport every 30 minutes. Buy tickets online for $19.50 per person, with kids travelling free. 

If you want to stay right near Hobart Airport, you’ll want to check out Travelodge Hobart Airport. Otherwise if you’re travelling into Hobart, there are loads of great places to stay in and around the city (click here to check out the huge range of options).

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How Far is Hobart to Launceston?

If you’re looking to see how far Hobart to Launceston is, then look no further! If you’re driving it’s 200km and will take you 2 hours and 20 minutes. Click here to see the best driving route for Hobart to Launceston. 

To get to Launceston you can also catch a bus. Tasmania’s Redline bus company can take you between the two cities for $44 and it will take just under three hours. 

You can also fly to Launceston but you’ll need to go via Melbourne – it’ll take longer and it’s more expensive, so we wouldn’t recommend. 

After all that travelling, you’ll want to stay somewhere nice! We’d recommend the fabulous Stillwater Seven hotel in Launceston. There are loads of other hotel options available too – just click here to see what’s around.

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How far is Hobart to Port Arthur?

The Port Arthur is a must visit area in Tasmania – click here to read our article about why you explore this historic site!

There’s 100km between Hobart to Port Arthur and it will take you 1.5 hours to drive between the two towns. It’s a great day trip and you’ll get to see loads of scenery along the way! Click here to view the map on how to drive there. 

You can also catch a public bus to Port Arthur. Click here to view the timetable and the stops. 

If you don’t want to travel back to Hobart at the end of the day, you can always stay the night in Port Arthur. Click here to see all the accomodation options near Port Arthur.

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How far is Hobart to Strahan? 

The drive from Hobart to Strahan is a little longer than other trips. It will take you 4 hours and 20 minutes and you’ll have to travel a distance of 300km. You’ll drive through the stunning west-coast of Tasmania though, which offers incredible scenery and lots of places to pull over along the way. Here’s a map to show you how to get between the two cities. 

Once you’re there you’ll want to stay and enjoy the incredible town. To help you out, we’ve found a full list of accomodation options near Strahan.

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How far is Hobart to Devonport? 

If you want to know how far Hobart to Devonport is, then we have you covered. If you drive it will take just over 3 hours and you’ll travel 280km. Click here to see the best route between the two cities.

You can also catch the Redline bus the two cities. It will take five hours and cost $71. 

Make sure you spend a night or two in this delightful town. Click here to check out the full list of accomodation options in and around Devonport.

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How far is Hobart to Bruny Island?

If you want to get from Hobart to Bruny Island, then you’ll need to catch a ferry.  The ferry departs from Kettering Ferry Terminal, which is a 35 minute drive from the city centre. The ferry to Bruny Island then takes a further 20 minutes. 

Click here to view the timetable for the ferry service from Hobart to Bruny Island. 

You can book your Bruny Island ferry ticket at the ferry terminal and there’s no need to book in advance. The ferry to Bruny Island is free for pedestrians, but charges apply for vehicles. 

Trust us when we say you’ll want to spend a night or two on Bruny Island, to soak up all its natural beauty. Click through to see what accomodation options are available on Bruny Island.

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With all that driving between incredible Tasmanian cities, you’re going to want to be wearing something super comfy to make your trips that much more enjoyable. Why not pair an oversized jumper with some track pants or leggings to have the ultimate relaxed road trip. And if you’re in need of some new luggage to throw the rest of your clothes in, then check out a huge selection over here.

Now that you know how far Hobart is from a number of key sites, you can start planning your Tasmanian holiday!


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