Here’s some fast facts about Hobart, capital of Tasmania

The answers to all your Hobart questions you didn’t know you needed

Buildings in Hobart, capital of Tasmania, reflected in the water
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Are you heading to Hobart soon and want to brush up on some local facts before you arrive? Or are you just keen to win your next round of pub trivia? Either way, we’ve collated some hard and fast facts about Hobart, capital of Tasmania (that was your first fact btw, you’re welcome). 

Where is Hobart located?

Hobart’s located on the southern end of the Australian island state Tasmania. For those of you who want specifics, the city sits at 42°52′50″S 147°19′30″E

Which State is Hobart in?

Have you ever asked yourself which state is Hobart in? The answer is Tasmania! That’s the small island state sitting at the bottom of Australia. 

Hobart is what capital city? 

Hobart is the capital of the Australian state, Tasmania. Did you know locals call Tasmania the Apple Isle?

When was Hobart established?

Aboriginals have been on the land where Hobart now stands for 35,000 years. Contemporary Hobart was established in 1804, when the British colonised the land for a penal colony. 

Why was Hobart established?

Modern-day Hobart was established by the British to stop the French colonising the land (both countries had sent missions to the region) and for use as a penal colony. There was a growing number of convicts in Sydney, so they were divided up and sent to outposts around Australia including Hobart. After a while, with more and more convicts arriving in Hobart, secondary outposts were set up to put repeat offenders in more isolated settings including Port Arthur. 

Where can you stay in Hobart?

There are loads of great places to stay in Hobart – from luxury hotels, to mid-range motels and private houses through Airbnb. Check out this huge list of places to stay in Hobart.

So there you go, there’s all your hard and fast facts about Hobart, capital of Tasmania.


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