Check out these 5 secret beaches near Hobart

Shhh, these secret hideaways are your perfect summer escape

Aerial view of a wild beach, with turquoise water on white sand with green shrubs in the background. Check out some of the secret beaches in Hobart by reading Playnia.
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Hobart is blessed to have a number of secret beaches just waiting for you to explore. They’re the perfect place for you to escape the crowds and relax in peace. So if you’re looking for something a little different, check out the list of secret beaches near Hobart below. 

1. Boronia Beach

Aerial shot of Kingston and Boronia Beach, with bright blue water onto a leafy shoreline. Just one of the many secret beaches near Hobart.
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The secluded Boronia Beach, just 15 minutes from Hobart, can only be accessed by foot. Travel to the southern end of Kingston Beach and then take a short bushwalk along the coast. Once there, you’ll be greeted by a beach nestled between cliffs and trees. 

2. Roches Beaches

Aerial shot of Lauderdale Beach, with green water coming up onto pristine white sand and houses on the shoreline. Lauderdale has many secrete beaches near Hobart.
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As you walk between Roches Beach and Lauderdale, you’ll find loads of secret beaches where you can stop and swim. Climb down the rocky cliffs and tree covered gullies to find pockets of sand and pristine beaches. It’s one of the best secret beaches near Hobart and you won’t be disappointed!

3. Long Beach

Yellow flowers in the foreground, at a Sandy Bay. Walk around the bend and you'll find secret beaches near Hobart.
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Long Beach in Sandy Bay is a popular tourist spot, but if you keep walking around the coast you’ll find a strip that is kept under the radar! 

4. Hinsby Beach

View over water onto the Taroona shoreline, with houses going up the hill. Taroona is one of the secret beaches in Hobart.
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Just next to Taroona Beach is the steep and narrow Hinsby Beach. This one isn’t too much of a secret, but it’s not a busy beach so you’ll enjoy it without the crowds! To access this secret Hobart beach, you’ll need to park in Hinsby Street and walk down a steep path to the beach. 

5. Conningham Beach

Wooden stairs leading down onto the sand at Connginham beach, a secret beach near Hobart
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The picturesque Conningham Beach, half an hour from Hobart, is surrounded by bush and sparkling blue water. The row of boatsheds at either end of the beach add extra charm to this dreamy place. In our opinion, it’s one of the most underrated secret beaches near Hobart.

Cockle Creek

A large tree branch lies on the white sand, with bushland surrounding the beach. Cockle Creek is one of the secret beaches near Hobart.
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So Cockle Creek sits on Recherche Bay and is a bonus sixth beach! Cockle Creek is the furthest point south you can drive in Australia, just two hours from Hobart, and its remote location is why it’s on this list. The area has amazing walking tracks so you can experience the beauty of the edge of the world. 

What to bring to Hobart’s secret beaches?

It’s easy, you just need to pop on your swimsuit and grab a towel to enjoy a day out at Hobart’s most secret beaches! If you’re in need of some new swimmers, then check out some uniquely Australian designers like Billabong, SeafollyCamilla, or the iconic budgie smuggler Speedo. You can also check out a huge range of beach towel, googles or surf accessories on the Australian online store the Iconic, by clicking here.

Where to stay near Hobart’s secret beaches

So you’ve spent the day exploring Hobart’s secret beaches and now need somewhere to recharge before you do it all again tomorrow. Never fear, Hobart has a huge range of amazing accomodation options (click here to see the full range on offer). To narrow down your search, we’d recommend checking out the incredible Islington Hotel or the MACq 01 hotel.

Now, if you’ve ticked all these beaches off your list and are still keen to explore some more then check out this list of the main Hobart beaches here.


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