Skip the tourist spots and do Hobart like a local

Experience this city like a true-blue Aussie

Cars driving fast through Hobart's CBD; read Playnia to see how you can experience Hobart like a local
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So you’ve done all the touristy things and now you’re looking to dig a little deeper to get to know Hobart even better? Well to help we’ve pulled together a list of things to do if you want to experience Hobart like a local.

To help get you started, we’ve crafted an itinerary of where the locals go, what they eat and what they listen to.  You’ll be living like a true Hobartian in no time at all. 

Head to the Farm Gate Market for some authentic produce

Tubs of strawberries; if you want to explore Hobart like a local you can head to the Farm Gate Markets to pick up strawberries like these
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Forget the ever popular Salamanca Markets, it’s the Farm Gate Market that’s the place to be if you want to experience Hobart like a local. These farmers markets sell some of the freshest produce from around Tasmania, with killer coffee and cafe stalls dotted around to keep you perked up. Head to Bathurst Street in Hobart any Sunday morning to explore these delightful and authentic markets. 

Watch a film at the State Cinema

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While you’re in town you should take a trip to the State cinema, a Hobart institution that’s been around for more than 100 years. Unlike other cinema chains, the State has a unique style that the locals love. Just prepare yourself though, they don’t sell popcorn but they do sell wine! 

Climb up kunyani / Mount Wellington

A wooden path cuts through rocks, at the top of Mount Wellington. Climb up the top to experience Hobart like a local.
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Locals love kunyani / Mount Wellington as much as tourists, if not more. The view from the top, overlooking Hobart city and surrounding countryside, never gets old. Plus there are loads of walking tracks that you can go on if you want to stretch your legs. Just don’t mention building a cable car up the side of the mountain – it’s a contentious issue among locals!

Grab a drink at Preachers

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Only a few blocks away from the bustling and touristy Salamanca dining strip is the local pub Preachers. The pub is set in a converted sailmakers cottage with a fantastically large beer garden ready for you to enjoy. 

Eat like a local at Hobart dining institutions

A variety of food displayed on a table; there are loads of great cafes and restaurants you can visit if you want to experience Hobart like a local
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There are a few much-loved Hobart restaurants that have been around forever. Solo Pasta and Pizza in Sandy Bay and Annapurna in North Hobart are two local restaurants that are a must visit if you want to eat like a local in Hobart. If you’ve already eaten and just want a late night snack, then head to Mykonos in Sandy Bay.

Stay in touch like a local

Lady changing the radio dial in a car while driving; listen to ABC Radio Local Hobart if you want to experience Hobart like a local
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If you want to tune in to local news while you’re in town then give ABC Local Radio Hobart a listen or pick up a copy of The Mercury newspaper

Dress like a local

Tassie locals have a very relaxed dress code, with an unpretentious hipster vibe. Unlike the high-fashion scenes of Melbourne of Sydney, when you head to Tasmania you want a more casual and practical look. Heading out of Hobart and Launceston, you’ll quickly find that it’s perfectly acceptable to wear Ugg boots and trackies down to the shops. We’d recommend Assembly Label or Patagonia for some casual style inspo.

Regardless of what cities in Tasmania you’re heading to, the cooler climate and ever-changing weather means you’ll want to pack a puffer jacket and a raincoat to be prepared. If you’re after warm jackets, then you’re really going to want to check out the brands Patagonia, North Face or Huffer.

Where to stay in Hobart like a local

There are loads of great places to stay when you’re travelling to Hobart (a full list of fabulous places to stay can be found just by clicking here). If you’re after an apartment stay, rather than a hotel, then you can’t look past the rooftop apartment Avalon City Retreat – it’s got an outdoor tub so you can relax while soaking up the views of the city below.


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