Solo Pasta and Pizza

A much-loved and buzzing Italian restaurant in Hobart

Ball of flour surrounded by fresh ingredients, like what you would see at Solo Pasta and Pizza restaurant in Hobart
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Solo Pasta and Pizza in Hobart has been bustling with guests longer than many of us have been alive, opening way back in 1983!  Since then it’s grown to be a much-loved dining institution by locals and tourists alike. 

Childhood mates Simon and Dim first opened the doors of Solo Pasta and Pizza more than 37 years ago, operating as a little trattoria off the main street of Sandy Bay. Years later, with renovations and expansions under their belt, diners continue to flock to this bustling Italian restaurant. 

From day one, it was the exceptional customer service that really set Solo Pasta and Pizza apart. Even today, anyone who walks through the doors are greeted by staff and instantly treated like old friends. This high level of service continues throughout your meal, with super attentive staff making sure the wine glass is always full and you’re happy with the food. It’s a winning formula that means guests come back time and time again.

As the name suggests, this place serves some stand-out pasta and pizza. They’ve got your standard Aussie pizza with egg, ham and pineapple (from $15.50) to the more adventurous Cinque Terra pizza with artichokes, olives, pancetta, brie and garlie (from $18). Pastas include the Pollo with chicken, pancetta, basil pesto and pine nuts (from $24.50) and the Piccante with salami, capsicum, olives, chilli, tomato and cream (from $22.50). On top of all this they’ve got a strong gluten free and vegetarian game, so no one misses out. 

While the decor is a little basic, it’s quickly made up for by the atmosphere generated by everyone around you. Be sure to make a booking, because this beloved restaurant is known to get full fast. 

Before you head on over to Solo Pizza and Pasta, you’re going to want to put on a smart-casual outfit (preferably with a stretchy waist so you can smash out a huge bowl of pasta). If you’re in need of a new outfit for your big night out, then we recommend checking out online fashion store the Iconic.

Contact Solo Pasta and Pizza

Phone: 03 6234 9898
Where: 50B Kings Street, Sandy Bay TAS 7005
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