4 Incredible One Day Walks Near Hobart

Time to put on your finest activewear and get your heart pumping

Lady with backpack staring out at the bush, having completed one of the many one day walks near Hobart
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We get it, between work and life commitments we don’t tend to have much time to get out and about. But luckily we’ve figured out a way for you to get a quick fix of nature! Head out on these one day walks near Hobart to get those endorphins pumping and feel great for the rest of the week. The best part is, you’ll still have another day in the weekend to recover! 

So pick one of these walks near Hobart and get going today. 

1. Trek to see the epic waves at Shipstern Bluff

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The monstrous Shipstern Bluff, found on the Tasman Peninsula, is something out of a story book and by far one of the most impressive one day walks near Hobart. When the conditions are right this world-renowned surf spot has insane 30 foot, layered waves. It goes without saying that these breaks should only be attempted by professionals, while the rest of us should stand on shore and marvel as the waves crash down onto the cliffs. 

Getting to Shippies is an 8km round trip, taking about two hours each way. The first part of the walk is slightly muddy, before you start the trek through bushland. Soon enough you’ll be faced with stunning views of the coast and the rocks below. Continue walking and you’ll have the option of trekking down to the waters edge or scaling the rocks to get a better view from the top. 

Getting there: Shipstern Bluff is found at the southern point of the Tasman Peninsula, about 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Hobart. Click here to find out where to start the walk. 

Stay nearby: There are number of great accomodation options near Port Arthur, a significant town on the Tasman Peninsula. Once you’re there you can combine your stay with a trip to the Port Arthur Historic Site too.

2. Climb up Mount Amos for panoramic views of insta-worthy Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is a main instagram shot in Tasmania
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This challenging climb up Mount Amos is totally worth it once you reach the top and stare out at arguably Tasmania’s best beach! The 4km journey has you trekking through bush, scrambling up open rockface and jumping over crevices to scale the 445 metre summit. Once there your breath will be taken away from the views of the forest, shimmering water and pristine sand below in Wineglass Bay. Climb down the mountain and walk down to Wineglass Bay to enjoy the beauty of the beach up close. This is a slippery journey, even when it hasn’t been raining, so make sure you wear proper shoes!

Getting there: Mount Amos is doable as a one day walks near Hobart, and is about 2.5 hours north-east of the city. Click here to find out where to go. 

Stay nearby: If you’re after five star luxury, you’ll want to stay at the nearby Saffire Freycinet. We’d also recommend checking out the delightful Freycinet Lodge too.

3. Explore Hobart’s closest mountain, kunanyi / Mount Wellington

A wooden path cuts through rocks, at the top of Mount Wellington. Climb up the top to experience Hobart like a local.
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kunanyi / Mount Wellington is one of the more convenient one day walks near Hobart due to its proximity to the city. The mountain is scattered with hikes and trails that will not only get you up close and personal with nature, but will keep you coming back time and time again. The 14km Hobart to the pinnacle walk starts in the urban part of the city before winding through rainforest gullies, sub-alpine flora and glacial rock formations. The 8km organ pipes walk is another crowd favourite, giving you spectacular views of the dolerite pillars on the mountain. If you’re after something a bit easier, then give the Silver Falls loop a try and wander through towering ferns before popping out at a waterfall. 

Getting there: kunanyi / Mount Wellington is that stunning mountain just behind Hobart city; look up and you can’t miss it!

Stay nearby: There are so many fantastic hotel options in and around Hobart! You can’t look past the Moss Hotel, MACq 01 Hotel or the Henry Jones Art Hotel.

4. Take it easy with a short stroll to Russell Falls

The Russell Falls waterfall is one of the many one day walks near Hobart
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Let’s be honest, some days we’re not really feeling like exercise, and that’s where Russell Falls comes in to play. This 20 minute return walk lets you get in touch with nature with minimal effort. Gaze at the amazing forest, lush trees and ferns before arriving at a cascading tiered waterfall. If you’re lucky you might even see one of the many platypuses that live in the bank!

Getting there: If you’re looking for one of the easier one day walks near Hobart, then this is it. It’s only a one hour drive from Hobart. Click here to see where you need to go. 

Stay nearby: The town of Maydena is a short drive away from Russell Falls (click here to see what accomodation is on offer). Otherwise, with Hobart only an hour away, you could always stay in one of the city’s many fabulous hotels!

What should I bring with me on one of these incredible one day walks?

Firstly, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got on some good activewear and some good walking shoes to make the walk easier. You’ll also want to pack a sturdy sturdy backpack with water, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and snacks. Check out the Iconic for a huge range of options for all these items, so you’re totally prepared when you set off on your adventure. Also, don’t forget to pack your camera because you’ll want to take loads of pics along the way!