Is it worth the detour to Mount Field National Park?

All you need to know about this exceptional national park near Hobart

Horseshoe Falls at Mount Field National Park
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Just over an hour from Hobart you’ll find the stunning Mount Field National Park. It’s Tasmania’s oldest national park and arguably still it’s best. From cascading waterfalls, day-long hikes, ski fields and outdoor baths, this park really has something for everyone. 

Do you want to visit Tasmania’s best waterfall with very little effort? 

Well you’re in luck, because a Mount Field National Park is home to the stunning Russell Falls. This cascading, tiered waterfall is easy to get too and makes for an excellent pic. Getting to the falls won’t disappoint either – it’s a short walk through lush trees and incredible ferns. Keep your eyes peeled for the platypus in the nearby creek and the glowworms that make an appearance beside the falls.  

Russell Falls at Mount Field National Park
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Keen to see some extra tall trees in Tasmania? 

Ok, so this one might not be on everyone’s bucket list but when we tell you what it is we’re sure you’ll add it. Mount Field National Park is home to the tallest flowering plant. On the Tall Trees Walk you’ll find the giant swamp gum, which reaches heights of 30 metres. Nature, am I right? 

Lady with backpack staring out at the bush, having completed one of the many one day walks near Hobart
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Want to explore Mount Field National Park?

If you’re looking for more adventure, then you can’t look past climbing to the top of Mount Field East in Mount Field National Park. This gradual 9km climb has you walking through a lush rainforest before climbing through alpine plateaus. At the top you’ll be treated to views out over the Derwent Valley and Mount Field plateau. It’s a muddy walk and can be dangerous in icy conditions, but totally worth it for the views. 

With that said, you’re going to want to be prepared for your hike. Pop on your finest activewear, lace up your walking shoes and pack your backpack with some snacks to keep your going. If you need some new clothes for the walk, then click here.

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Are you keen to ski or snowboard in Mount Field National Park? 

You’re in luck because this national park has it all, including a ski run at Mount Mawson. Grab your skis and snowboards and hit up this challenging but worthwhile slope. If you want to use your trip to Mount Mawson as an excuse to grab some new gear (and why not), then check out the Iconic’s huge range of outfits and accessories to get you ready for the snow.

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Want to kick back and relax in an outdoor bathtub in Tasmania?

Pack your tent and stay in the nearby Left of Field Campground for the ultimate outdoor experience, all for the bargain price of $40 a night. While a little rustic, it offers an outdoor, wood-fired bath that lets you relax in the moonlight while soaking in that crisp Tasmanian air.

Everything you need to know about Mount Field National Park

Where: Mount Field National Park is a little over an hour’s drive, North-West from Hobart.
When: Open year round
Cost: Free entry to the park