Looking for the coolest trip? Don’t go past Tasmania to Antarctica!

What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

Penguins diving off an ice sheet in Antarctica; there's now ways to get from Tasmania to Antarctica so you can see these little guys for yourself
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Do you have some cash to burn and want to be the envy of all your friends? Well we’ve found your next luxe holiday destination! Antarctica. And there’s never been a better time to get from Tasmania to Antarctica so you can experience this wild and unique place for yourself. Keep reading for ways on how you can get from Tasmania to Antarctica today.

Getting from Tasmania to Antarctica

Hobart, Tasmania is a cool 2640km away from Antarctica. There are a few ways of getting there including cruising on a boat or flying. Both options are super luxe so either way you won’t be disappointed!

A seal lounging on ice in Antarctica; you can get from Tasmania to Antarctica by boat or plane
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A boat cruise from Tasmania to Antarctica

Tasmania, New Zealand and South America all have cruises that depart to Antarctica. The distance from South America to Antarctica is by far the shortest, with a cruising time of 770km and only six days. On the other hand, Tassie is a fair bit further away and it will take upwards of 23 days to get there. But the journey there is the most fun, so in our opinion travelling from Tasmania to Antarctica is actually a better option! 

Chimu Adventures will take you on a luxury yacht from Christchurch, Auckland down to Antarctica before ending back in Hobart. Over a few weeks you’ll see Emperor penguins, see the underwater world of Antarctica in the ships submersible and be transported by helicopter to Ross Ice Shelf. The luxury ship features stunning bedrooms, dining lounges and bar, and observation decks. 

But by now you’re probably wondering if you’re going to need to sell a kidney to fund the cruise? Well to be honest, a trip to Antarctica isn’t going to be cheap. A boat cruise from Tasmania to Antarctica will set you back around $50,000. 

A cruise ship travels through icy waters in Antarctica; it's just one way you can get from Tasmania to Antarctica
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A plane ride from Tasmania to Antarctica

So the thought of spending 23 days on a boat leaves you a little green? Don’t worry, there’s another option that’s just as incredible and for a fraction of the cost. 

Antarctica Flights offers a day trip from Hobart over Antarctica. As you sit back in your plane seat sipping your champagne, expert Antartic explorers will talk you through the stunning sights you’re seeing down below. You won’t get off the plane (it’s literally only a flight), but that means you won’t even need your passport or your ski gear to enjoy the amazing sights below!

Keep an eye on the Antartica Flights website to see when the next departure date is from Hobart to Antartica. Flights will set you back a minimum $1,199 for the 12 hour journey, so start saving now. 

Icebergs float in Antarctica
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A private jet and glamping in Antarctica

Hold onto your hats because we’ve saved the best option til last – glamping in Antarctica! White Desert offers six luxury sleeping pods  the middle of the ice and the snow. All pods are decked out with beds, desks and bathrooms with heated water. While you’re there you can go on day trips to see a 6,000 strong colony of Emperor penguins or visit the southernmost point in the entire world. You’re going to need to dip into your savings for this option though – a four day trip will set you back a staggering $56,000.  

Emperor penguins standing on ice in Antarctica; you can now travel from Tasmania to Antarctica to see this for yourself
📷 © coldimages via Canva.com

So if you’ve got some money to burn and want to experience the most decadent holiday of a lifetime, then book a trip from Tasmania to Antarctica. You won’t be disappointed!

So you’ve made a note to book your ticket, but what next?

Congrats, you’ve made a split second decision and now you’re heading off to Antarctica! Well, you’re going to want to start shopping for some extra warm clothes, cos it’s going to be mighty cold down there. Not only that, but you’re going to want to look extra glam for your once-in-a-lifetime photos. Head on over to the Iconic’s huge range of designer clothing to find some extra fab pieces and make yourself shine.


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