The absolute best spots in Tasmania to surf up a storm

Grab your wetsuit and get ready to experience these incredible breaks at the edge of the world

A lady underwater in Tasmania surf
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If you ask us, there’s nothing better than swimming out to sea and catching a wave. You feel refreshed, your mind is clear and you’ve just reconnected with mother nature. And the wild coasts of Tasmania are home to some of the best surf spots in Australia – from mild beaches where you can learn to surf to killer 30 foot dumpers. So if you’re keen to grab a wave or just want to see what all the fuss is about, we’ve found the best places you can surf in Tasmania. 

Remember though that the water in Tasmania is always chilly, even in summer, so you’re going to want to pack a wetsuit if you want to surf in Tasmania! 

Surf the South-East coast near Hobart

A monster wave crashes down at Shipsterns Bluff; one of the most intense surf spots in Tasmania

There are loads of amazing surf spots near Hobart that you can explore. 

Carlton Beach is close to Hobart city with waves averaging 1 metre high. Clifton Beach is a 2km surf beach that’s only 30 minutes from Hobart, making it popular with tourists and locals alike. Nearby is Eaglehawk Neck which has a consistently good surf. Another option is Bruny Island, with Cloudy Bay regarded as one of the best breaks. 

Further south is the monstrous Shipsterns Bluff, with insane 30 foot waves barrelling down onto the cliffs. This world-renowned Tasmania surf spot should only be attempted by professionals, while the rest of us should only stand on shore and marvel at nature’s beauty.  You’ll need to trek for two hours to get there, but believe us when we say it’s worth it!

Head to the West coast of Tasmania to surf up a storm

A man surfing a giant wave in Tasmania surf

Tassie’s wild west coast offers some incredible surfing spots. Marrawah is home of the annual West Coast Classic surf competition and is known for its consistent and quality waves. Marrawah has three main beaches you should visit – Green Point, Ann Bay and Mawson Bay.  

Surf the East coast of Tasmania

A man surfing a wave as the sun sets; one of the best activities to do is surf in Tasmania

The picturesque East coast of Tasmania is well-known for its crystal clear water and pristine white sand.  St Helens, Bicheno and Scamander Bay are our picks for where to go if you want to surf the East coast of Tasmania. 

Check out the North coast of Tasmania for more surf options

A lady underwater in Tasmania surf

While the surf on the North coast of Tassie isn’t as big as other areas, it’s still worth checking out if you’re in the area. The Devonport Rivermouth is one option, though has fairly inconsistent swells. Head offshore to King Island for some better breaks. 

But, what to wear when surfing in Tasmania?

Ok, so we mentioned earlier that the water can get quite chilly in Tassie. So wear something with long sleeves to keep you warm – you can check out some options over here. When you’re finished make sure you have a towel handy to dry off and warm up.

Are you planning a surf tour of Tasmania?

If you’re travelling around Tasmania, then you’ll want to have somewhere great to rest your head at night. Click here to find a full list of accomodation options in Tasmania. You’ll be sure to find somewhere great, so you can rest up and hit some more waves along the way.

Wait, there’s more.

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